Nearly 70% of Norwegian wild catch is now MSC certified

The Norwegian ling, tusk and lumpfish fisheries are now MSC certified.

Now the Norwegian ling, tusk and lumpfish fisheries have achieved Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification, 69 percent of all Norwegian wild catch now carries the MSC stamp.

Norwegian lumpfish is commonly used for roe and caviar products for the Swedish market, while ling and tusk are mainly sold as dried stockfish in Sweden, and also as dried and frozen fillets for Latin America, and Western European markets.

In 2016, these fisheries caught 18,677 metric tons of ling, 14,798 metric tons of tusk, and 453 metric tons of lumpfish.

“We are pleased to have this certification in place – the project was a response to a strong push from some of our key markets, and we are now pleased to be able to provide them with the desired documentation” said Tor B. Larsen, environmental advisor of the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association’s (NFA).


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