EU ministers confirm 2018 TACs for Baltic cod

Campaigners instantly slam the decision.

European Union Agriculture and Fisheries Council ministers agreed to set total allowable catches (TAC) for western Baltic cod and eastern cod, and the TACs are already being met with criticism by campaigners.

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The NGO "Our Fish" slammed the decision by EU fisheries ministers to set 2018 western Baltic cod quotas four times higher than cautious scientific advice during an all-night AGRIFISH meeting in Luxembourg on Monday.

After hours of deliberations that continued until after 6 a.m., ministers agreed to set the TAC for western Baltic cod at 5,597 metric tons, while the TAC for eastern Baltic cod was set at 28,388 metric tons.

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According to Our Fish the western quota is four times higher than the most cautious scientific advice, and the eastern almost 4,000 metric tons higher than scientific advice

“Despite staying up all night, all EU fisheries ministers accomplished is once again setting Total Allowable Catches for Baltic cod far higher than recommended by scientific advice”, said Rebecca Hubbard, program director at Our Fish.

“EU citizens would be better served by ministers who understand that quotas need to be a fraction of current levels, so that Baltic cod stocks can recover from decades of overfishing.”

AGRIFISH meets again in December 2017 to discuss and decide on the TACs for fish stocks in the North East Atlantic.

Deliberations are expected to be even more laborious than for the Baltic stocks, with more than 150 stocks under discussion.

8926e77958f9190e567cb70d79804460 Baltic sea quotas 2017.  Photo: EU


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