Iceland Sustainable Fisheries adds more MSC-certified species

Tusk, wolf fish, blue ling and plaice have been added to the portfolio.

Iceland Sustainable Fisheries is adding to its growing portfolio of world firsts with Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)-certified tusk, wolf fish and blue ling fisheries.

It is also adding Iceland’s first MSC-certified plaice fishery, improving the supply of MSC certified plaice to the United Kingdom.

The new fisheries were added through the MSC P2-P1 expedited audit process, where fish that are caught as secondary catches (eg in a mixed fishery) can be MSC-certified following a detailed stock assessment.

The environmental impact and management assessments have already been completed in earlier certifications.

Over the past few years, Iceland Sustainable Fisheries has grown its portfolio of MSC-certified sustainable species.

“This is great news for seafood connoisseurs," said Gisli Gislason, senior program manager in Iceland of MSC, said. "Iceland has already contributed some beautiful, MSC certified fish to our menus and the arrival of tusk and wolf fish will be of particular interest.”


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