Value of 2017 Alaska salmon landings soars 67%

Alaska deputy director called it a 'banner' year.

Alaska fishermen landed 224.6 million salmon this year with an estimated preliminary ex-vessel value of $678.8 million (€577 million), 67 percent higher than last year's ex-vessel value, according to data released Tuesday by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G).

In total, the harvest was a little over 1 billion pounds of salmon, the third highest since 1975 and the third time the harvest exceeded billion pounds.

Alaska seafood industry continues to fuel state economy

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Sockeye salmon again came in as the most valuable species, accounting for 48 percent of the value at $326.1 million (€277.2 million) and 23 percent of the harvest at 52.4 million fish, which is the third year in a row the statewide sockeye salmon harvest exceeded 50 million fish.

Pink salmon accounted for 25 percent of the value at $169 million (€143.6 million), and 63 percent of the harvest at 141.6 million fish, the third highest in value and fourth highest in poundage since 1975.

Chum salmon accounted for 19 percent of the value at $128.3 million (€109.1 million), the second highest since 1975. It also accounted for 11 percent of the harvest at 25.2 million fish, which is an all-time state record for chum salmon.

Coho salmon accounted for 6 percent of the value at $37.6 million (€32 million) and 2 percent of the harvest at 5.1 million fish. The Chinook salmon harvest was 251,141 fish with an estimated preliminary value of $17.8 million (€15.1 million).

Deputy Director of the Division of Commercial Fisheries Forrest Bowers said the 2017 Alaska salmon season was a banner year.

These dollar values are based on estimated ex-vessel prices and do not include post-season bonuses or price adjustments. The final value will be determined in 2018 after seafood processors, buyers, and direct marketers report the total value paid to fishermen in 2017.


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