SFP outlines management plans for small-scale fisheries

The group offered case studies. 

The Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) outlined strategies for improving the management of small-scale fisheries on Friday, offering case studies based on fisheries improvement projects (FIP) in nations such as Indonesia and Mexico. 

"While there is no single blueprint for managing resources in small-scale fisheries, SFP has identified three important elements to improvement at this level," the group said in a statement. 

The elements include having committed industry leadership; making sure all involved parties, including buyers, processors, producers and regulators, have a "good understanding" of the sustainability demands from the market; and having current scientific data on stock health. 

“We have to treat every fishery as a unique challenge, while also using the lessons we have learned in the past and seeking partners who are also engaging small-scale fisheries,” said Jack Whalen, FIP coordinator at SFP. "There is committed buyers, processors, producers, and regulators—have a good understanding of the sustainability demands from the market."


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