CP Foods, others team on Indian Ocean FIP

Fishery associations and the private sector jointly launch FIP to preserve the Indian oil sardine fishery along the Goa and Ratnagiri coasts.

Charoen Pokphand Foods (CP Foods) in India as well as another fishmeal and fish oil producer and six key fishery societies, have banded together for a fishery improvement project (FIP) along the Goa and Ratnagiri coasts.

The parties signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU), as part of a “strong intention” to promote sustainability in the supply chain of fisheries and related products along the coasts of Goa and Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra, India.

The associations and private sector parties include Ratnadurga Macchimar Society, Adarsh Machchimar Society, Mandovi Fishermen Marketing Co-op Society, Vasco Fishing Boat Owners marketing Co-Op Society, Zuari Fishermen Marketing Co-Operative Society, Cutband Boat Owners Development Society, Omega Fishmeal and Oil, and CP Foods.

The launch of the FIP project will focus on Indian oil sardine in the west coast of India.

The Indian oil sardine fishery is a very important fishery for the state of Goa. Together with mackerel it contributes to about 50 percent of the total marine fish catch of the state.

The MoU aims to improve efficiency of fisheries management and governance, fostering food safety, environmental responsibility, and transparent traceability of fisheries products throughout the supply chain, promoting sustainability in the fisheries products supply chain to meet with international standards.

In addition, the project will be guided by the International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organization (IFFO) in the United Kingdom.

“Development of the FIP is a proof of true intention of the government’s and related seafood industry’s efforts to create a sustainable fishery for the business taking into account the problems of IUU fishing and overfishing that resulted in the decline of sardine stock for the past few years,” said Imran Mukadam, chairman of Adarsh Machchimar Society, Mirkarwada.

This will be the first project in India that applies the latest version of IFFO Responsible Supply Standard (IFFO RS).

Amol Patil, director of Omega Fishmeal and Oil, said the FIP will provide a platform for stakeholders to jointly act for the conservation of resources and ensure a steady supply of raw material to the fish meal industry.

He added association with CP Foods and IFFO in undertaking the project will bring tangible result for the better management of the industry and increased demand for high quality fishmeal from the country by fulfilling the latest International requirements.

Duncan Leadbitter, FIP project manager, said the IFFO RS is the most suitable for the marine fisheries resource management in India especially for the Indian oil sardine fish stock.

“This FIP will ensure the effective management of sardine resources for the development of fisheries for maximum sustainability,” said Leadbitter.


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