Alaska halibut fishermen land 56% of quota by end of July

One fishing area closed after reaching its catch limit.

Pacific halibut fishermen landed 14.5 million pounds of halibut through the end of July, according to the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) on Thursday. This is 56 percent of the total 25.6 million-pound catch limit.

West-Greenland halibut fishery is now MSC-certified

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The 2017 Pacific halibut fisheries opened March 11 and the Alaskan individual fishing quota (IFQ) and community development quota (CDQ) fisheries have landed 11 million pounds of the 19.3 million-pound quota, or 57 percent, through July 30. In comparison, fishermen landed 11.3 million pounds, or 62 percent of the 2016 catch limit, by this same date last year.

The British Columbia individual vessel quota (IVQ) fishery (Regulatory Area 2B) landed 3.5 million pounds through July 26, or 55 percent of its total 6.3 million-pound quota. In comparison, fishermen landed 3.3 million pounds, or 53 percent of the 2016 catch limit, in the BC fishery by this same date last year.

0ac94cb2f061c287d57e04954dd986a5 IPHC Pacific Halibut landings update 8.4.17  Photo: IPHC

The IPHC Regulatory Area 2A non-treaty directed commercial Pacific halibut fishery closed Thursday after its 225,591-pound catch limit was reached. 


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