Russia’s FOR Group builds up fishing assets

Deal for acquisition of a second-hand pelagic vessel from a Chinese fishing company is soon to be sealed.

Kaliningrad-based Russian fishing company Atlantrybflot, a subsidiary of the Group of Companies FOR, is closing an acquisition of a pelagic fishing vessel from the Chinese state-owned fishing company Shanghai Deep Sea Fisheries.

The trawler, called Kai Shun, is a Moonzund type vessel of 120 meters in length and was built in 1989 in Germany.

“At present, the vessel is located in Poland, to undergo modernization for pelagic fishing in the North Atlantic," Alexander Polyansky, deputy head at development department of GK FOR, told IntraFish.

“The vessel is expected to meet the requirements of the Russian Maritime Register in a year and will start fishing Atlantic herring, mackerel and blue whiting," Polyansky said.

GK FOR is one of the largest fishing companies in the northwest of Russia and is actively involved in the process of renovating its fishing fleet.

Last month two sister-companies of the group -- Atlantrybflot and Kompaniya -- signed two contracts with the Vyborg shipyard for the construction of two freezing factory-trawlers.

The newbuilds are designed for catching both groundfish in the Barents Sea and pelagic redfish in Irminger Sea area to the southwest of Iceland.


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