Icelandic landings up in May on high blue whiting catches

Demersal harvests also increased during the period. 

Icelandic vessels landed more than 135,000 metric tons of fish in May alone, an increase of 27 percent compared with the same period a year earlier, according to Statistics Iceland.

The growth is largely driven by an increase in blue whiting landings, which went from 58,000 metric tons in May 2016 to 79,500 metric tons in May this year, accounting for an increase of 38 percent.

Demersal catch also increased year on year, with 51,000 metric tons landed this year, 20 percent above catches registered a year ago.

Within this category, cod landings showed an increase of 23 percent, to 28,000 metric tons in May.

However, in the year ended May 31, total Icelandic catch was 1.1 million metric tons, a decrease of 1 percent compared with the corresponding 12-month period a year before.


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