HB Grandi to hand over trawler Asbjorn next week

The company is replacing it with the new vessel Engey.

HB Grandi’s trawler Asbjorn returned with landings of 120 metric tons of saithe and redfish from its last trip with HB Grandi, the company said.

“This was a good trip, with a full fishroom, even if it was only three days,” said Einar Bjarni Einarsson, who was the skipper of the vessel during the trip.

Asbjorn is expected to be handed over to its new owners on Monday, and Einar Bjarni said this "top catcher will certainly be missed."

The vessel will be replaced by the new Engey, which has, according to the crew, better facilities and a bigger capacity.

“In technical terms, Engey is much more sophisticated and there’s plenty that we are going to have to learn all over again,” Bjarni said.

“Gutting the fish hasn’t changed from the way it has always been done, so that’s a relief.”


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