ICES recommends to slash Barents Sea cod quota 20%

Scientists also suggest do cut the haddock quota 13% year-on-year. 

The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) is recommending a quota of 712,000 metric tons of cod in the Barents Sea for next year.

This would mean a 20 percent drop from the level set for this year for the fishery, which is managed by the Joint Russian–Norwegian Fisheries Commission.

By-catch of coastal cod and golden redfish should be "kept as low as possible," ICES scientists said.

Last year, ICES suggested a total allowable catch (TAC) of 805,000 metric tons for the 2017 fishing year, however, the quota was ultimately set at 890,000 metric tons for cod. 

For haddock, ICES recommended a TAC of no more than 202,305 metric tons for the 2018 fishing year, which is down about 13.2 percent from the current quota of 233,000 metric tons. 

Greenland Sea, Icelandic waters TAC recommendation

In addition, ICES also gave its advice for the cod quota in the Greenland Sea and Icelandic Waters.

Here it recommended a quota of no more than 257,572 metric tons for the fishing year of 2017/2018, which is up 5.5 percent from the quota of 244,000 metric tons for the 2016/2017 fishing year.


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