Lighted crab pots catch more crab

Research find that using a LED can boost crab catch by as much as 77%.

Researchers have proven that the addition of LED lights in crab pots will draw snow crab to the traps, which could ultimately reduce bait and other costs for fishermen.”

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The addition of a white LED light was shown in the study to increase "catch per unit of effort" (CPUE) by as much as 77 percent. Crab were attracted by purple light, but still drawn to them, with an up to 47 percent increase in CPUE, reports the Telegram.

“If you can increase the efficiency of anything in life by 70 per cent, that’s huge,” said Paul Winger, the director of the Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Resources at the Fisheries and Marine Institute, and co-author on the study, who is excited by the results.


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