New app 'gamechanger' for tuna fisheries

Observer eReporting App will allow close to real time management.

New technology should allow close to real time management of the Pacific's key purse seine tuna fisheries, according to WWF.

It said the new 'Observer eReporting App' will change the game for fisheries management.

An analysis last year by the Forum Fisheries Agency showed that non-reporting, misreporting or under-reporting were responsible for the bulk of the $600 million (€549.5 million) in illegal, unreported or unregulated fishing in the region.

WWF's Pacific Tuna Program Manager Bubba Cook said the new technology was a major step towards combatting that loss.

WWF has been supporting the trial of the app, which has been developed by Integrated Fisheries Information Management System and first used by the Parties to the Nauru Agreement, whose members control the world's large sustainable tuna purse seine fishery.


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