Sealord in hiring spree in anticipation of hoki season

From mid-May, the company will take on about 40 staff per week.

New Zealand fishing company Sealord is on a recruitment drive as it prepares for the new hoki season, reports

Hoki is one of the most commercially valuable fisheries in New Zealand, with a market value of more than NZD 800 million (€523.8 million/$562.7 million).

Sealord owns 30 percent of New Zealand's hoki quota and caught nearly 58,000 metric tons in 2015.

Although fishing has been under way for the past fortnight, hoki season officially starts in June and runs until the end of September.

Recruitment Advisor Ben Cave said the company received about 750 applications last year for hoki season positions, with 350 taken on to fill the temporary land-based factory roles.

Cave said from mid-May, the company would take on about 40 staff per week, which would continue until the end of June. Further staff would then be sourced through a recruitment agency as required.

In addition, with its new NZD 70 million (€45.8 million/$49.2 million) factory vessel less than a year out from service, Sealord is also looking to make big appointments in the coming months, starting with a chief engineer.

While Sealord would look to New Zealand and within its own company in filling the role, Cave said there were plans to advertise further abroad as part of getting the best person for the job.


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