Peru sets first season anchovy quota

Quota is up nearly 56% compared with last year's first season.

Peru’s ministry of production (Produce) announced a quota of 2.8 million metric tons for the first anchovy season in the north-central area of the country.

This is a 55.5 percent increase on the quota of 1.8 million metric tons it set for the first anchovy season in June last year.

The season will begin on Saturday, April 22.

Bruno Giuffra, the country's Minister of Production said the quota was set based on recommendations from the Institute Mar del ​​Peru (Imarpe).

"We are pleased to have found a significant level of biomass which confirms that we are doing things right," Giuffra said.

"We are leaving little more than 6 million metric tons in the sea, more than normal to make sure we are fishing a sustainable amount."

He added the country would continue its policy of closing areas with mini bans where juveniles are detected in the future.


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