Alaska pollock landings slow in week 7

BSAI fishermen have landed a quarter of their quota.

Landings slumped in week 7 of the Alaska pollock 'A' season after jumping up in week 6.

Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands (BSAI) fishermen landed 59,263 metric tons in the week ended March 4, bringing the cumulative total to 323,265 metric tons, 24 percent of the 1.345 million-metric-ton quota.

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Most came from the AFA inshore fleet, which landed 24,432 metric tons last week, but AFA catcher-processor production was not far behind with landings of 23,676 metric tons.

Gulf of Alaska fishermen hauled in 3,298 metric tons that same week to bring its cumulative total to 50,314 metric tons for the season, which started Jan. 20.

This is 26.3 percent of the total quota of 191,183 metric tons for the Shumagin, Chirikof and Kodiak areas.


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