Letter: Discussion on lack of women in top positions continues

Exec points out women in fisheries network in Iceland.

The following letter to the editor was sent to IntraFish by Bjarni Eiriksson, market intelligence officer at Marel in response to Elisabeth Fischer's commentary Help not wanted: The mistake that's costing seafood millions.

Hi Elisabeth,

I just read your article about lack of women in the fisheries industry. Valid point and a good article. But I just want to point out to you the kis club in Iceland which stands for ‘Konur í Sjávarútvegi’ or women in Icelandic Fisheries (kis.is).

You will find numerous highly influential women there and perhaps you can find similar groups elsewhere e.g. in Norway.

Here in Iceland land processing has historically been a woman’s job, while the men were fishermen. Now, as a quite feminist nation the discussion is pointing out the lack of women in the top positions and as board member i.e. decision-making positions.

Best wishes,

Bjarni Eiriksson


Market Intelligence Officer, Marel


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