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Letter: Globalism not 'the big prize the left believes it to be'

'Why is it so good to be tied to other countries' finances and needs?'

The following letter to the editor was sent to IntraFish by Mike Lucas, president at Northcoast Fisheries in California in response to Rachel Mutter's commentary Wanted: Small island seeks easy trading partners.

In my 52 years on this planet, never before, and hopefully never again, shall I see this bias. I hate to burst the bubble (I really do) but globalism is not the big prize that the left believes it to be.

I am not a true Republican but I certainly am not a Democrat. I register as Republican so that my ballots show up but I vote my conscience. I voted Obama into power so I am not afraid to admit my mistakes.

Before you throw the mud on the Brexit move you may want to step back and see where it goes. What choice did they have if they believe in letting in only immigrants that want to adhere and assimilate to the country’s culture and beliefs?

And why is it so good to be tied to other countries' finances and needs? Do you share your neighbor’s income and bills? Would you like to? What if your neighbor was a free spending nutcase? Would you still feel the need to be tied to his success and or failures?

From a market perspective it seems to me that it has always found a way and always will. What I mean is where there is demand there will be suppliers to gladly attempt to fill those needs. It is not the “end of the world” as you paint it.

And Rachel, there is not one damned thing wrong with protecting your citizens and protecting your borders. Do you leave your front and back doors unlocked? I doubt it, but just in case you are the one true left winger that actually does what they preach I urge you to lock your doors. It’s the safer bet.

The left needs to step back, step off, and let another direction be tried BEFORE they condemn it. It is absolutely nuts how self-righteous and hypocritical they are. They lost, the people spoke, now give it a chance and see where it goes.

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Obama’s many failures are still coming to light and they are deep and they are plentiful. I am so very tired of trying to be a person whom leans neither left nor right while I watch the left go off the cliff you speak of.

The left paints itself as the party of acceptance but this is so very far from true, rather I would say they are the party of the self-righteous. They are so convinced they are always right that they will not own their mis-steps.

You know what you call those that do not learn from their mistakes? 'Stupid' would be the non-PC and most accurate description.

I don’t pretend to know if Brexit will be a good thing or a bad thing for the UK in the long haul, BUT it seems to me the UK has always held its own long before [EU membership] and I would suspect long after Brexit.

What I do know is that you are starting to see many, many countries of ideology begin to change their stance on refugees and immigration. Perhaps what we see in atrocities will suddenly just stop of its own accord and everyone of all beliefs will just fall in line and love one another. That is a good thought but not a realistic one. 'Trust but verify' is always the best practice.

Do not expect others of a different culture and upbringing to endorse your beliefs. People are all different and that will never change but this great country in which we live has one thing that has held us in lockstep. Laws. Laws of the people and for the people.

Mike Lucas

President, Northcoast Fisheries


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