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Oxygen levels at Tasmanian salmon farms threaten to drop

Tassal's Macquarie Harbour fish farm has repeatedly come under the environmental spotlight.

Oxygen levels in the water at salmon giant Tassal's Macquarie Harbour fish farm could again drop to critically low levels this spring, scientists warn, reports SBS.

The Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies is monitoring conditions at the bottom of the harbour to best determine its long-term management.

Surveys earlier this year showed oxygen levels had improved since falling to a "critical" level last spring and the number of seabed organisms was increasing.

"Over summer and winter the oxygen levels were better than what they were last year," Project Leader Jeff Ross said.

"While these observations are encouraging, oxygen levels in the middle of the water column remain very low and bottom waters are decreasing with the onset of spring," he said. "There is still the potential for dissolved oxygen levels to return to critically low levels."


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