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Chilean salmon exec: ‘We must avoid the temptation to increase densities’

Arturo Clement spoke about the challenges of aquaculture at Ecuador's AquaExpo.

Arturo Clement, president of DataSalmon and director of the board of Chilean salmon farmer Ventisqueros spoke about the challenges of aquaculture at Ecuador’s AquaExpo, held in Guayaquil last week.

“Both Chile and Ecuador have had biological problems in the past that must not be forgotten. We have to avoid the temptation of increasing densities,” Clement said.

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Speaking to IntraFish, he said the shrimp industry in Ecuador has great potential and there are many possibilities for investment in the country.

“Production costs are relatively low, demand for shrimp is really high, and there is room for improvement, especially on the technological side of the sector,” Clement said.

This, he said, could be a good opportunity to attract foreign investment in the country.

“There are also many lines of research and development that can be explored on feeding systems, and the use of resources such as microalgae,” he said.

During his presentation on the challenges of aquaculture, Clement talked about the importance of improving the perception of the industry, claiming it has to make efforts to approach stakeholders and communities affected by the sector in order to collaborate and increase awareness of farming practices.

In Chile, he said, the salmon farming industry still has a long way to go in changing the public's perception, but producers are actively working toward a closer understanding of the people surrounding the industry.

“Transparency and sustainability are key, they are an obligation every company has, and it is important to understand this,” Clement said.

“The relationship between the company and society has changed over the years, businesses now have more responsibilities including social duties.”

Speaking about the Chilean salmon industry, Clement said companies are “thriving,” and are doing things the right way.

“They are in a very good position, there is a strong international interest after some years of instability,” he said.


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