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Skretting launches new salmon diets

Producer says the new formulas can reduce production time or increase weight of the fish. 

Nutreco-owned fish feed giant Skretting is launching two new salmon grower diets -- Prime and Express -- designed "to stimulate and enhance the appetite and food intake of salmon."

Sissel Susort, global product group manager for Skretting, said the two diets "work in tandem to facilitate the best possible growth of the fish at two crucial growth stages."

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Prime optimizes consumption at the first seawater growth phase of the production cycle -- up to 1 kilogram -- while Express takes over in the final grow-out phase.

Skretting said the new diets could "potentially reduce" production time by as much as four weeks. 

Alternatively, if farmers wish to maintain their current production timescales, then the slaughter weight can be increased by up to 700 grams.

“Fast growth or fast to harvest is the single most important aspect in salmon aquaculture since this reduces operating costs and also reduces the associated risks of farming fish in open ocean locations,” said Susort.

Prime and Express will be launched gradually to all major salmon markets with timings and availability communicated locally to all customers and partners.


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