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Nova Scotia residents oppose Cooke's proposed farm, hatchery

Company spokesperson says no concrete decision has been made. 

Local residents are lobbying against a proposed Cooke Aquaculture fish farm and hatchery in Nova Scotia's Granville Beach, saying they "oppose it every step of the way," reports the Annapolis County Spectator

Nell Halse, spokesperson of Cooke, said the company accepted an offer on about 20 acres in the area and are now doing due diligence, such as water testing. 

No final decisions have been made, she said. 

“We are at the stage where we are looking at it," she said. "[A hatchery] would not be some big, ugly commercial or industrial building. We have one in New Brunswick that’s all landscaped… you would almost think it was a greenhouse.”

Cooke also plans to meet with local residents later this month. 


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