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Canadian researchers to lead $3.5 million Atlantic salmon project

A group of scientists will study salmon pathogens resistance in Atlantic Canada.

Canadian university professors Kurt Gamperl, from the Memorial University’s Ocean Sciences Center and Mark Fast, of the University of Prince Edward Island’s Atlantic Veterinary College, will lead an aquaculture research project to strengthen Atlantic salmon stocks and improve vaccines, reports The Telegram.

The total project will cost CAD 4.4 million (€2.9 million/$3.5 million), of which the federal government, through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency’s Atlantic Innovation Fund, will contribute over CAD 2.9 million (€1.9 million/$2.3 million).

The researchers will study environmental conditions such as hypoxia and temperature impacting the capacity of the fish to fight off pathogens, and how to create better resistance to them.

They’ll measure biomarkers using genomics and other biotechnologies that examine physiology, proteins and mitochondria with a team including highly qualified personnel, graduate students and researchers. 


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