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Chinese aquaculture production triples, despite decimated ecosystems

But the country's marine eco-systems are fast disappearing.

China's total production from aquaculture tripled in the past two decades despite the loss of 57 percent of its coastal wetlands, 73 percent of its mangroves and 80 percent of its coral reefs since the 1950s, reports Next Big Future.

Marine ecosystems are being lost to land reclamation and urban development, so the majority of China's aquaculture production is freshwater. 

But marine aquaculture is still substantial, accounting for 40 percent of production in 2012.

China has the largest distant water fleet, with 1,900 vessels in 2010. China aims to increase the size of its distant water fleet to 2,300 vessels in 2015. 

The domestic fleet is primarily privately owned, and the distant water fleet has evolved from being entirely state owned to 70 percent privately owned.


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