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Malaysia on track to produce 3 million tons of fish by 2020

The country wants to reduce reliance on imports.

The Malaysian Fisheries Department is confident the country can produce 3 million metric tons of fish by 2020, reports Astro Awani.

Its Director-General Datuk Ismail Abu Hassan said Malaysia was currently producing 2 million metric tons of fish worth MYR 13.02 billion (€2.6 billion/$3 billion).

“The effort to boost fish production from the sea and aquaculture is crucial to reduce the import of protein sources by 300,000 tons or MYR 3.6 billion (€720.4 million/$841.3 million) a year compared to MYR 2.7 billion (€540.3 million/$631 million) in fish export,” Hassan told reporters at the Kelantan Aquaculture Industry Consultative Council Meeting, Wednesday.


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