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Tilapia lake virus hits Taiwan

The country is the sixth to report the virus.

Following confirmation that dead fish in a pond in Taoyuan were infected with the tilapia lake virus (TiLV), the city government has ordered inspections of all ponds within a three kilometer radius of the site, reports Focus Taiwan.

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The pond in question is located in the Guangyin District of Taoyuan City. About two weeks ago between 2,000-3,000 tilapia died in one day at a local fish farm, prompting the owner to send samples to the COA's Animal Health Research Institute for inspection on June 6. The fish were confirmed as having been infected with TiLV on June 13.

Symptoms of the virus include reddened skin, inflammation of the organs, specifically the eyes and brain, liver damage, eventual organ failure and death with a high mortality rate.

Taiwan is the sixth country to report the virus, after Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Israel and Thailand. 


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