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New report breaks down who’s buying, selling tilapia

Industry report dives deep into what’s to come for tilapia, the second largest farmed fish crop.

Last year tilapia became the second largest farmed fish crop by volume after carp. What's more, the global tilapia harvest is estimated to increase by 3 percent by 2018, with China leading the way in production, according to a new report published by IntraFish.

More than half of China’s tilapia exports go into the US market and most of it is frozen tilapia fillets.

However, the volume and value of US tilapia imports from China has dropped significantly each year since 2014. From 2015 to 2016, the United States imported 18 percent less frozen tilapia fillets in volume and paid 27 percent less for it.

In IntraFish Media’s new industry report -- The Farmed Whitefish Report -- we dive further into detail with charts and graphs on who’s buying and selling tilapia globally.

Why should you buy it? Here’s a few reasons:

  • 88 pages of in-depth market data
  • Production statistics from the last 10 years from all key producers
  • Market statistics from last 10 years in volume, value and product format
  • Re-exporting data in terms of volumes and value
  • Detailed market breakdowns for Europe and the United States
  • Profiles of key producers for both species

If you are a buyer, producer, product innovator or investor, this report is essential reading.

Don’t be left behind on farmed whitefish trends -- they'll be impacting the sector for years to come.

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