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Marine Harvest Ireland implores government to speed up licensing process

The company welcomed a report claiming 'significant backlog' on farming regulatory matters. 

The Irish Independent Aquaculture Licence Review Group said in its latest report the country’s aquaculture stakeholders were “considerably frustrated due to a significant backlog” in the farm licensing process.

Marine Harvest Ireland welcomed the report, saying the acknowledgment of this situation was “a fair summary of the current status of the aquaculture sector.”

Marine Harvest has plans to invest between €20 million ($22.4 million) and €25 million ($28 million) along the west coast of Ireland, but its plans are being delayed by licensing and regulatory regimes.

In the report, there are 30 recommendations to speed up the licensing process for farming applications.

“We implore the minister to set out a clear timeline regarding the implementation of the report’s recommendations,” said Jan Feenstra, managing director of Marine Harvest Ireland.


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