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BioMar introduces new broodstock feed for African catfish, tilapia

The Danish feed giant is seeing increasing demand from a growing fish farming industry on the continent.

BioMar Group is launching a new complete high-performing feed range for tilapia and African catfish for African markets, introducing broodstock feed type EFICO Genio 838F.

The growth of African catfish and tilapia farming has increased in recent year, and BioMar has served the African markets from France by offering starter and grower diets for these species.

Picture gallery: Inside BioMar's Norwegian salmon, trout feed factory

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As farms become increasingly intensive, the need for a diet targeted for broodstock has grown, which is why BioMar France is expanding its product range to cover all nutritional needs, it said.

“The goal of broodstock feed EFICO Genio 838F is to increase reproduction capacity”, said Michel Autin, technical director of BioMar EMEA. “The vitamin mix and levels are fine-tuned to promote an increase in the number of females actively spawning.

"Our newly developed broodstock feed has a formulation that includes the necessary protein and vitamin balances, which contributes to increased spawning frequency, hatchability, and survival of fry.“

The EFICO Genio 838F includes the probiotic Bactocell and immune modulating ingredients similar to BioMar’s EFICO Genio broodstock feeds for trout, sea bass and sea bream to improve survival and boost the immune system.

“These efforts have been of great value to the development of the feeds offered by BioMar for warm freshwater fish like tilapia and African catfish”, said Autin. “And now we can, for the first time, provide a broodstock diet that is specialized for warm freshwater fish whose natural diet is largely plant based.”

African aquaculture production is expanding in various ways and into various species and BioMar said its presence in Africa "steadily grows," also for species such as sea bass and sea bream. 


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