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Mitsui branches into land-based trout farming

The company is investing $8 million in a project expected to kick off next spring.

Japanese trader Mitsui is embarking on a venture that could eventually result in salmon trout being farmed across Asia in land-based tanks to meet soaring demand for the fish from lovers of sushi, reports The Asahi Shimbun.

Mitsui expects to acquire an 80-percent stake in a start-up company that has pioneered a seawater filtering system for fish farming.

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The venture will cost Mitsui JPY 900 million (€7.3 million/$7.9 million).

Salmon cultivation operations are due to start in Chiba Prefecture next spring.

Mitsui anticipates that locally produced farmed salmon will be available for sale as early as 2019 and that 1,500 metric tons of the fish will be shipped in 2020.


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