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Meet the new chief of Norway's Salmon Group

The new executive is hoping to bring her experience gained at Marine Harvest and Grieg Seafood into the collective Salmon Group. 

Norway's Salmon Group has a new managing director -- and she has big plans for the company.

“The collective strength of Salmon Group will enable us to reap in greater benefits," Anne-Kristine Oen said on May 2, when she took up her new role. 

"We must invest in youth. The best brains are needed to further develop the marine farming industry."

Born and bred in Bergen, the sea, and the fish and maritime industry have been a big part of Oen's working life.

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Her background is predominantly maritime, including shipping. However, salmon also played an important role. 

Oen previously worked in the communication departments of Grieg Seafood and Marine Harvest.

And she's been impressed with the staff at Salmon Group.

"The company's employees are active in their local environment and communities, and are serious about the integrity of their livelihood," she told IntraFish. "I’ve met many of these people this week, and am looking forward to working with them."

The No. 1 priority, according to Oen, is to ensure all members of Salmon Group are successful, and to set a focus on collective needs within the organization. The prime consideration is the collective buying of feed, vaccines and insurance.

Salmon Group recently approved a new strategy going forward. 

"We will be better at exploiting the strength gained from the solidarity of many companies standing together," she said. 

"Salmon Group shall also be a more active participant in the public debate. We shall be more visible on all platforms -- a task I look forward to with anticipation. We have engaged new people in the areas of information and community contact."

Experience from companies such as Grieg and Marine Harvest means that Oen has a solid knowledge of the industry. Having visited several farms, she is well acquainted with the foundations of salmon farming.

“These companies enabled me to build up considerable ‘hands-on’ knowledge. Not least I connect with people who work in marine farming. They are resourceful, down-to-earth people in this industry,” she said.

Ramping up salmon production is a necessity, according to Oen.

“There’s been zero volume growth in Norwegian marine farming the last five years," she noted. "In the government’s ocean strategy, it notes there were 1.3 million metric tons of salmon and trout produced in Norway in 2016, and the target is to increase five-fold by 2050.

"Given that we haven’t had any growth in the last five years, urgent action is needed if we want to achieve the government’s target,” Oen said.


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