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Irish firm develops lumpfish-focused feed

Manufactured in Europe, the fish feed 'is receiving high praise in the cleaner fish production community,' says exec.

Ireland-based Pacific Trading Aquaculture Ltd. said it recently developed a new health-focused lumpfish feed, called Atlantic Gold.

"Two key ingredients we added are AQUATE and BIOMOS from Alltech which have been proven to benefit fish health both internally optimising digestive function, improving FCR, supporting immune response, optimising growth and externally contributing to muocus barrier protection, which is the primary defence mechanism of an aquaculture species," said Director Ian Sutton.

New post vaccination feed for lumpfish

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Atlantic Gold is a slow sinking feed that is RAS compatible and has cleanliness and performance characteristics in the tanks.

"The feed is manufactured in Europe under licence to us and the factory is Global GAP-approved also. The feed is in stock in Oslo for immediate delivery and is receiving high praise in the cleaner fish production community," he said.


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