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Calysta, Cargill's JV breaks ground on feed plant

Facility is Calysta's 'first commercial scale manufacturing plant' and will produce Calysta’s FeedKind protein.

Memphis, Tennessee-based NouriTech and its lead investors, Calysta and Cargill, broke ground on a new feed production facility in Memphis.

NouriTech is a venture formed in 2016 through investments from Cargill, Calysta and several third party institutions.

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The plant sits on 37 acres of Cargill's 69-acre property. It will house the world’s largest gas fermentation operation to produce Calysta’s FeedKind protein.

This construction will be Calysta's "first commercial scale manufacturing plant," said Calysta President and CEO Alan Shaw.

The facility will employ 160 full-time team members and produce about 200,000 metric tons of FeedKind annually. The first phase of construction is expected to be done in 2018, with the plant online in 2019. The second construction phase is expected to finish in 2020.

The plant will include:

  • A one-story administration building for technicians, engineers, supervisory and management staff.
  • Twenty fermenters, each similar in size to a football field end zone. Two fermenters are expected to be installed in the first phase of construction and up to an additional 18 in the second phase.
  • Several dryers, each about the height of a six-story building. One dryer will be built and used for the first phase of construction and the remaining dryers will be built in phase two.
  • Several kilometers of piping.
  • Various processing, filtration and product handling and loading equipment.


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