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Public to comment on AquaBounty's proposed PEI facility

An open house will be held Tuesday.

Struggling genetically modified (GM) salmon pioneer AquaBounty has filed an environmental impact assessment to redevelop Snow Island's Atlantic Sea Smolt Ltd. facility in Rolly Bay on Price Edward Island, and an information session is being held Tuesday evening.

Why are investors so excited about land-based salmon farming?

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AquaBounty is proposing the construction of a new farmed salmon smolt facility -- an 40,000 square foot recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) commercial production facility, plus another 40,000 square foot building to "replace the original flow through broodstock facility."

These two structures would be in addition to a proposed renovation to the existing hatchery and the construction of a 16,500 square foot broodstock facility.

The public can attend the open house Tuesday or comment for within 10 days after the event.


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