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Camanchaca set to hit 50,000 tons of farmed salmon by 2020

Company would sit alongside Chilean giants AquaChile and Multiexport in terms of Atlantic salmon production.

Chilean salmon farmer Camanchaca plans to reach the 50,000 metric tons mark by 2020, president Jorge Fernandez said in the company’s annual report.

In 2016, Camanchaca produced a total of 32,644 metric tons of Atlantic salmon, and currently sits between Marine Harvest Chile and Blumar in terms of production.

With the proposed increase, the company would get closer to Chilean giants AquaChile and Multiexport's output.

“Taking into account the number of concessions we've been using directly or indirectly, the company has capacity to reach harvests close to 50,000 metric tons by 2020," Fernandez said. "We are working to reach this scope and make good use of our assets.”

Ricardo Garcia, CEO of the company, said Camanchaca will stop leasing its concessions to third parties in order to increase production.

Fernandez welcomed the implementation of the new regulation, and said it will give stability to the Chilean production of salmon, and will allow it to grow hand by hand with demonstrable improvements.

In addition, Fernandez said 2016 was a difficult year for the company’s fishing operations due to the magnitude of El Nino, especially in the north.

However, the first months of 2017 showed that the oceanographic conditions have normalized, and so has the situation for farming and fishing activities.


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