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Camanchaca to stop leasing concessions, focus on production growth

Company finds way to increase stocking density without exceeding the growth limits set by regulators.

Chilean salmon producer Camanchaca will stop leasing its farming concessions to other farmers in order to increase production, said Ricardo Garcia, CEO at the company, reports Pulso.

Garcia said the new regulations require that companies take these types of measures to be more effective.

“Those who want to expand stocking and who don’t have an excellent sanitary performance could see their production costs increased by 15 percent, and this has led analysts to believe production is going to decrease,” Garcia said.

Camanchaca has the opportunity to increase their stocking without exceeding the number of concessions in use in the previous cycle by using those concessions that belong to it, but are currently leased by other companies.

“We will not renew these contracts, and we will use those concessions for our own growth,” he said.


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