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Cargill signs agreement with university on SRS treatment research

The organizations are looking for effective oral treatment against the bacteria.

Feed giant Cargill and the Catholic University of Chile (UC) signed a research and development (R&D) agreement to continue an investigation into a treatment against Salmon Rickettsial Syndrome (SRS) that could prove more efficient than vaccines, reports Diario Financiero.

Both organizations started a joint investigation in 2015, with the support of the country's Production Development Corporation (Corfo) which financed the CLP 221 million (€313,471/$334,727) project, and have now updated the agreement to continue with the study.

From the original agreement, Cargill and the UC have developed different lines of investigation, one of them looking at the feed phase as a way to treat the fish with "immune-stimulators" that can help the fish to grow healthier and stronger.


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