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Linde introduces new oxygenation system for fish farms

The company is seeing growth opportunities in the US as aquaculture growth 'may accelerate.'

Linde LLC is introducing a proprietary drop-in oxygenation system designed for easy handling and operation for intensive aquaculture at the Seafood Expo North America in Boston this week.

The new SOLVOXDropIn system offers a simple solution for seawater species grown in sea cages, which are used throughout South America, it said.

It is is part of a family of SOLVOX pure oxygen-injection and diffusion systems that promote fish health throughout the growth cycle, and can boost dissolved oxygen levels much more efficiently than aeration systems, which require energy-intensive compressors.

The drop-in oxygenation system (patent-pending) is ideal for high-value export species such as salmon, seabass, seabream, and arctic char, Linde said. 

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It contains a patented oxygen dissolver and distribution system featuring a specially designed venturi nozzle.

After the unit is lowered to the desired depth, water is drawn in from below and mixed with oxygen.

Oxygenated water is then distributed throughout the sea cage through the nozzles at the top of the unit. The system creates slow-rising microbubbles which extends oxygen residence time.

This, combined with the high surface-to-volume ratio of the rising bubbles, increases oxygen dissolution efficiency even at low pressures.

Erik Fihlman, program manager for seafood & prepared foods at Linde LLC, said aquaculture is developing in the United States and the pace may accelerate.

"US players are expanding and considering integrating operations to take advantage of opportunities in the prepared seafood segment," he said. "The SOLVOX DropIn system is just one way Linde makes it easy to boost production."


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