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VIDEO: Marine Harvest exec calls for change in Chilean regs

Country's salmon farming sector continues to struggle with government policies.

Per-Roar Gjerde, Marine Harvest  COO of farming in Norway and Chile expressed concerns about the new regulation in the Chilean salmon industry at last week's North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF) in Bergen, Norway.

After less than a year on the helm of Marine Harvest's Chilean arm, Gjerde finds substantial differences between regulations in the different locations are hampering operations in Chile, which "offers great opportunities in salmon farming."

"I am not sure the current regulation is right for this opportunity," he said.

To grow in a sustainable way, the most important thing would be to get permission to split farming licences from assigned sites.

There are 1,300 licenses in Chile, each of which has a total capacity allowance specific to their locations. At the moment, around 400 are operative, and under the current regulation companies are not allowed to move farming capacity from one site to another, increasing operational costs.  

"If we are able to do that [split licenses from sites], then we would have the possibility to grow sustainably over the years. So we really hope the government in Chile sees the opportunities we have and can work for the future, for a great industry in Chile," he said.


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