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Norway farmed salmon escapes continue downward trend

Sjomat Norge is working toward a 'zero escapees' goal.

The Norwegian Seafood Federation (Sjomat Norge) said the number of fish escaping aquaculture cages has been on the decline since 2014.

In 2016, total salmon escapes came to 126,000, while rainbow trout escapes were 62,000, down from 170,000 and 84,000 escapes, respectively, a year earlier.

So far this year, escapes in Norway are at a minimum.

“Our vision is zero escapes from Norwegian aquaculture facilities,” said Tarald Sivertsen, head of the escapes committee at Sjomat Norge.

“It is a demanding process, but measures worked well in this field. Last year, 10 percent of the escaped salmon was recaptured and nearly 50 percent of the trout.”


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