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Aquaculture banned in Philippines lake after second massive fish kill

Tilapia farming will be suspended for three years.

Officials in the Philippines have imposed a three-year ban on tilapia cultivation in Lake Sebu after another fish kill last week laid to waste some 7,000 kilograms of potential tilapia harvest, reports Inquirer.


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Lake Sebu Mayor Antonio Fungan said the moratorium would give the 350-hectare lake a respite from feed pollution brought by massive fish production in recent years.

The lake is host to some 5,000 fish cages owned by 460 operators.

On Thursday, at least 7,000 kg of tilapia went belly-up in the lake due to lack of oxygen. The recent fish kill was the second in barely a month.

The first fish kill destroyed PHP 127 million ($2.5 million/€2.4 million) worth of tilapia, said Fungan.


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