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Irish firm inks genomics deal with Marine Harvest, SalmoBreed consortium

Company will be involved in the DNA analysis of hundreds of thousands of fish.

Dublin, Ireland-based IdentiGEN -- a food-animal DNA identification company -- secured a new contract to perform research for a consortium comprising Marine Harvest, SalmoBreed and the Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research (Nofima).

The initial contract, which involves DNA analysis of hundreds of thousands of fish, provides a foundation for the future DNA analysis of millions of salmon farmed throughout the world.

Genomic selection can be used to identify traits of significant economic value for fish farmers including growth rate, disease resistance and product quality, and can be advanced by naturally harnessing the genetic variation that exists within the breeding population.

"As aquaculture production recently surpassed wild caught fisheries, the importance of genetic improvement across diverse farmed fish and shellfish species cannot be underestimated," said Ciaran Meghen, managing director of IdentiGEN.


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