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US land-based shrimp farmer files for follow-on patent

Patent covers its RAS technology and treatment methods.

NaturalShrimp filed a follow-on patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office around its recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) and treatment method for aquatic species.

This proprietary technology is patent pending and is being issued alongside the company's technology partner, F&T Water Solutions. 

It supersedes and improves the company's provisional patent originally filed in November of 2015. 

This patent covers NaturalShrimp's base process of growing healthful, naturally grown shrimp without the use of chemicals or antibiotics. 

Furthermore, the patent also covers additional species of aquaculture which may be produced in the future and allows the company to work towards its goal of creating facilities that have a "zero footprint" on the surrounding environments.

"We continue to improve our technology and processes to grow commercial quantities of shrimp in a land-based environment," Gerald Easterling, president of NaturalShrimp, said.

"We anticipate additional enhancements in the near future from our previously announced agreements," he said. "We expect to announce deployment of the prototype system based on this patent in the next few weeks at our La Coste facility."


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